Referring Providers

Thank You for visiting

Our facility is here as a resource to the dental community and we depend on your referrals. We have dedicated ourselves to providing dentistry to children under anesthesia in an effort to provide the safest environment for this method of care.

As a referring dentist we value your relationship. Our committment to you and your patients is that we will provide them with the best treatment and send them back to you for on going care. Referral slips and a Patient Information brochure is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Our Facility

If you are a current referral partner or are currently considering referring patients over we would love for you to come by for a tour and an introduction to our staff. We take pride in our committment to our patients, and have developed our facility to provide the safest and most efficient treatment.


Our goal is to complete all treatment needed and send them back to you for ongoing care. If you have referred your patient to us we will do our best to schedule a follow up visit with you. If you ever have questions about the scheduling status of your patient our office staff would be happy to give you an update. Although we do our best to schedule patients immediately sometimes we have to wait for authorization from their insurance.

Billing and Authorization

As an ambulatory surgery center your patients medical and dental insurance will be billed. Often we have to obtain pre-authoriaztion from the patients medical insurance before we can schedule surgery, and we do our best to explain this to the parents. Please understand that we are working hard to get authorization, and some insurance plans are difficult to work with. The most helpful thing your office can do is complete the Referral slip in it's entirety and give your patient the Patient Information brochure. Both of these can be downloaded below, but we will also deliever some to your office as needed.

Treatment Plans

If you ever have questions about the diagnosis or treatment plan that has been developed our dental director is available to discuss it with you.(learn more about him here on Our Team page). We can also provide digital x-rays, photos, and detailed treatment plans on request.