As an Ambulatory Surgery Center we provide dentistry for children under general anesthesia. This is different than the sedation that is typically offered in a dental office setting. General anesthesia is a deeper state of unconciousness that is safely done in surgery centers and hospitals. If your child has been referred here they most likely have extensive dental needs or an extreme dental phobia that prevents them from completing their dentistry in a traditional office setting.


While undergoing general anesthesia is usually safe and without complication there are risks that will be fully explained to you by your anesthesia provider. We consider saftey to be our priority when taking care of your child.


Part of the scheduling process involves medical clearance and an eligiblity check with your insurance carrier. We work hard to expedite this process as quickly and efficiently as possible, but it does require some time. If you ever have any questions about the status of your child's appointment our office staff will be happy to help. Emergent cases are scheduled on a case by case basis.


It is our clinical policy that ALL your child's treatment is completed while they are here. This helps to minimize the impact that multiple visits might have. To assist with the registration process on your child's scheduled day of treatment we encourage you to complete the patient Registration Packet that you can download on the bottom of this page.


As a courtesty to you we will bill your medical and dental insruance for the services provided. We also complete any prior authorization that is needed by your insurance plan. If you have private insurance you can expect to receive communication from both your dental AND medical insurance. As a surgery center we bill for the cost of the facility and anesthesia in addition to the dental services. Your benefits will be explained to you prior to the scheduled surgery date.

Resources for You

At the bottom of this page you will see a section with forms and other information we think will be helpful to you. Feel free to call us with any additional questions.